About Harmony Funeral Services in Poole Dorset

Every person is unique.

Why shouldn’t their funeral be unique too?

Harmony Funerals was created to help families arrange a personal, meaningful funeral service when someone close to them has died. We are a small, independently owned company dedicated to providing a caring, professional service.

We meet with you to talk about your wishes and help you to arrange a funeral service that you feel is a fitting farewell to your loved one. You knew the person best, so it’s only right that we are guided by you. We don’t make assumptions about which services you will require.

You have complete freedom of choice, enabling you to do things your own way.
We don’t have ‘package’ funeral arrangements and you will never be charged for services you don’t want or need.

Whatever your wishes are, from simple to traditional, alternative to eco-friendly and 'green' funerals, or doing things yourself (like using your own vehicle for a hearse or having family members carrying the coffin) we are here to help and support you.

If you would like to arrange a funeral service that reflects the
unique life of the person being remembered, please contact us.


We care about families. We also care about the environment…
From eco-friendly coffin choices to planting memorial trees. 
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