Memorial Trees & Environmental values

Funerals by Harmony Funeral Services in Poole Dorset

Find out about our memorial tree planting and other environmentally conscious values.

Memorial trees
We plant a tree for every funeral service that we help to arrange. If you wish, this tree can be dedicated as a memorial tree: a living tribute to the person being remembered. Memorial trees are planted free of charge.

Eco-friendly coffin choices
We can provide a choice of coffins from UK based coffin makers who use sustainable and/or recycled materials such as willow and cardboard.

No unecessary embalming
You will always have a choice with regards to embalming and we will never carry out the procedure without your permission. Embalming involves the use of chemicals such as formaldehyde and, because we do not carry out embalming as a standard practice, our use of these chemicals is greatly reduced.

Members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors
We are the only funeral directors in Dorset who are members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors. If you wish to arrange an environmentally friendly funeral service, you can be assured that we care about providing greener choices, such as woodland burial.