Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there someone I can speak to at any time?
A: Yes, we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Please don’t worry about calling us, whatever time it is. 

You can also email us or contact us via the message service on our contact page

Q: Do you require a deposit or payment up front for any of your services?
A: We do not require payment up front for any of our professional services (these are the services that we provide ourselves). In some circumstances, we may require payment for services provided by  other organisations/individuals up front (these services are called ‘disbursements’).

We understand the need to be flexible in accordance with people’s different circumstances. If you would like to know more about payment options, such as paying my instalments, please contact us

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to register a death?
A: Yes. This is certainly the case for almost all registry offices in our experience. Details for registration in Dorset (the county where we are based) can be foundhere
Q: Where can I find further information when someone has died?
A: Please give us a call for helpful information without obligation, we are here to help 24 hours a day.

The Bereavement Advice Centre website has a guide about the practical things that you need to do after someone dies, along with lots of other information you may find useful. Please click here to visit their website.

The UK Government website also has lots of helpful information. Please click here.

If you would rather speak to someone on the telephone or get face to face advice, you can find your local Citizens Advice Bureau and their contact details her

Q: Where can we meet to make arrangements for the service?
A: It’s important to make the funeral arrangements in a place where you will feel comfortable. We can visit you at home or another family member or friend’s address if you prefer. Just let us know what feels right for you.
Q: Will the funeral take place on a day and time that suits me?
A: Yes, the date and time of the funeral will always be arranged in accordance with your wishes. We are entirely flexible to your needs. The availability of service times at the desired crematorium or cemetery/burial ground is not within our control, but we will always give you all the information you require so you can decide what day and time would suit you and your family best.
Q: Do you carry out embalming? Do we have a choice?
A: We do not embalm people in our care as a standard practice. If, for any reason we feel embalming may be advisable, we will discuss this with you, giving our honest, professional opinion. We will never make this decision on your behalf; you will always have a choice and we will not embalm without your permission.

Please be aware that in some circumstances it may be a requirement. This is often the case when someone who has died needs to be repatriated (transported to another country).

Q: Are there any laws about scattering ashes?
A: This website, which is actually called ‘Scattering Ashes’, provides detailed information regarding both legal and practical issues relating to ashes. Visit their page here
Q: What type of vehicles do you have?
A: We have a large estate car. This smartly presented vehicle enables us to give freedom of choice. If you would like to arrange a simple service, we can use this as our hearse: respectfully transporting the coffin to the crematorium or cemetery. If the Mercedes does not fit with your unique wishes, we will hire the vehicles that are required. By not having our own fleet of vehicles, we don’t have to pass expensive running costs on to families.